September 14th, 2008



It's been about four weeks since I have last written. And since then I have decided to put a new theme on my livejournal page. Makes it more pretty to look at...or so I hope. It is rather hard to describe how the last 4 weeks have been. All I can say is that they have been rather intense. At times pushing me to the limits, other times pushing me over the limits but I have managed to recover. There has been work, and family, and relationships, and soon there will also be studying to worry about.

It feels as if for the past few weeks, I have been operating in an alternate universe. In some ways good and some ways bad. As I go through the next 4 weeks of my on-the-job training, I am operating now much the same way as I did 2 years ago when I took on a new job. But that job was familiar to me and it wasn't a giant stretch. This one is. It requires more of me then I originally thought. But I still enjoy the job though and I am enthusiastic for more. There have been some...strains...on the home front. But working through those as quickly as I can.

Anyway, in the balance of things and with the perspective of reflection, things continue to be okay. My Happy-O-Meter still pretty high...

So, I won't make this too long as I am currently cleaning the apartment. But I will try and write later on in the week with a deeper update.

Ciao and Hugs to all!