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The Weekend In Review

Jack came up to Stockholm for the weekend (from Saturday to Tuesday).  I didn't think that he would come (I had encouraged him to come and visit thinking it wouldn't, but he did which was really cool).

The weekend in itself had several sub-plots and adventures.  First of all, SAS lost Jack's luggage.  And they didn't manage to find it and deliver it back until Monday night.  Second, there was a lot of cartoon watching.  He had never seen Drawn Together, so we managed to watch basically both seasons in one day.  Finally, during the days there were walks around town to do the tourist thing, eating a restaurants, and just a lot of relaxing and chilling which was nice.

It was cool to hang out with someone with a different perspective and point of view than my own (he's Danish, but studies Turkish and practices Islam).  Conversations were as much fun as they were an opportunity for me to think differently.

Overall, it was a great long weekend.  And a nice change from the bar and club scene just to talk and get to learn about someone new.

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