September 19th, 2010


Sweden Decides - Election 2010

So because of the international nature of my LiveJournal, I post this in English:

Today is the day that Sweden votes. Because in Sweden no one party enjoys a majority, they have formed alliances in order to successfully govern. The choices are fundamentally between a Center-Right alliance call Alliansen (The Alliance) and a Center-Left alliance call Röd-Grön (Red-Green).

Normally the US Democrat in me would be really tempted to vote for the Red-Greens. Were I living in the US right now, they clearly would have the policies needed to continue the direction needed for long-term societal development, business growth, etc. However, in Sweden, one gets the sense that the policies are dated -- that Sweden has progressed socially to a level where the policies that the Red-Green alliance want to pursue would be detrimental to future growth because nations operate best when they take the best of both ideas.

So for that reason, I voted for The Alliance, let by Moderaterna.

Moderaterna's policies strike the right balance to fit a 21-st century world where global integration, social responsibility, taxation, and efficient government are aligned to keep Sweden moving forward. No political party is ever perfect, and in alliances it is often the art of compromise that secures progress. But Sweden has had decades of Social Democrat party rule. The result of the chance that Sweden took to shift focus 4 years ago are encouraging, and it makes sense to renew that chance for another 4 years.

I am predicting that The Alliance will win -- and I hope that they do. But you never know how these things turn out, so we'll see.

No matter who one votes for and no matter which alliance wins the election, everyone should be reminded that tonight that the clearest winner of all will be democracy in Sweden!
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