January 4th, 2013


Nigeria Preparation – Week 8

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So this week commences was the eight week of prep for my #ibmcsc Nigeria assignment (please forgive the tags, they are needed for aggregators, etc) and I have to say that with each passing week it begins to feel more real.

This week the members of our team presented on more topics that they did research on in order to give us background and knowledge as a team. The presentations were well done – as usual with the team. We also got some more preparation information and of the course the usual reminders about the preparation work and admin. For someone like me (who wants to normally jump right in when I am enthusiastic about something), the prep work has been very helpful to help pace me. I was a bit behind all of the prep work last week, but now not only am I caught up, I am happy to say even a bit ahead of schedule :)

Outside of our group meetings, I finally got everything right in order to submit my paperwork to the Embassy today here in Stockholm. I had to go in person which was inconvenient but a small price to pay for what will surely be an adventure! \o/

It’s hard to think that in 5 weeks from now I will be in Nigeria on my assignment. I feel mostly prepared, but the happy panic will set in around 2 weeks. There is still a bit to do to prepare for Nigeria as well as the trip after Nigeria to see some more of Africa.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Wishing all of you a happy and healthy 2013! <3