January 16th, 2013


Nigeria Preparation – Week 10 ( #ibmcsc )

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This week is a fantastic week in terms my IBM Corporate Service Corps project assignment in Nigeria! Not only has my Nigerian visa been sorted out, but we also received our Statements of Work (SoW) today! The assignments will be working mostly with the regional government, but with some non-governmental organisations as well. I am really excited to read through the material and then to meet with our sub-team to go through the approach. So at the moment, I don’t really know what to think since I am in that rather euphoric moment where everything just feels surreal :)

So now that I am essentially done with the personal logistics, it feels good to be able to focus on the logistics of my assignment (which is what the SoW about) as well. We have our primary project assignments and then of course we should support each other on the other projects that the team of 15 is working on (we are divided into sub-teams to focus on our projects).

We also finished the last set of presentations on cultural adaptability. And again I have to congratulate my colleagues of putting together such a great set of presentations and materials. I for sure I have saved all of this to my iPad so that I can refer to it whenever I want.

So now it really feels real! Life between now and the next 3 weeks will be busy with my day job, busy with my assignment prep, and busy with my personal prep. But as we get closer, I am only looking more and more forward to the opportunity!

#ibmcsc Nigeria