February 11th, 2013


Lights, Camera, Action! ( #ibmcsc )

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So today was a pretty action-packed day!

Our day began with a press conference in the morning where we presented ourselves, the mission of IBM’s Corporate Service Corps, and remarks from various government officials and our partners during the next 4 weeks. There was also some time for questions from the press. I was really proud of the way our Corporate Affairs representative handled the questions and spoke about us the work that we are doing.

Following the press conference, we then were taken to the Palace of the Ewi Ado Ekiti (Ewi = King). After presenting ourselves and our objectives, the Ewi spoke to us about the history of Ado Ekiti, gave us his blessings and prayers, and was gracious enough to take a photograph with us!

Posing with the Ewi for a photo

Posing with the Ewi for a photo

The Ewi sitting on the throne

The Ewi sitting on the throne

After our meeting with the Ewi, we then had a formal opening meeting with the His Excellency Governor Fayemi. Who explained how we came to end up in Ekiti State (even if it is the smallest state in Nigeria, it is larger than 15 other African nations in terms of population), his expectations from us, and his blessings for successful engagements across all of our projects.

After our meeting with the Governor, we went to have lunch at Chicken Republic before heading back to the hotel. Note here that one of the pictures here shows our securty convey who are nice enough to escort us around the town. In this case,

IMG_0166 IMG_0167

So…today was a day filled with pomp and circumstance and it was a cool experience. And tomorrow will be all about work and meeting our clients and getting our project started. I am really looking forward to it!

By the way, more pictures will come soon I promise. Consistent reliable internet has been a challenge, but I hope that we solve this in the next couple of days. Ciao for now.