February 21st, 2013

Flat Eric

Bonus Experience: Yoruba Art and Women’s Development

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During our visit to a rural area in order to meet with elderly citizens whom would be impacted by our project, we had the opportunity to make a short side visit to see some Yoruban artwork. Many of the pieces were intriguing and awesome to look at, and I share some of the pictures here. Leslie, Kelsen, Yemi, and Ayo are the others in the pictures.

    IMG_0732 (Small) IMG_0730 (Small) IMG_0728 (Small) IMG_0724 (Small) IMG_0722 (Small) IMG_0720 (Small) IMG_0712 (Small) IMG_0709 (Small) IMG_0707 (Small) IMG_0703 (Small) IMG_0692 (Small) IMG_0687 (Small) IMG_0685 (Small) IMG_0682 (Small)

We also had the opportunity to visit the Raliat Ojudu Women Development Center (ROWDEC) which is named for the mother of one of the senators in Ekiti State. We got to see the arts and crafts that were being made. We also got to hear about future plans. It sounds very exciting and like a very good cause.

IMG_0738 (Small)

IMG_0735 (Small)

IMG_0734 (Small)

IMG_0749 (Small) IMG_0746 (Small) IMG_0739 (Small)