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Apartment Hunting

I just have to tell you...this apartment hunting is exhausting. Not that I can afford to take a break from me. I had printed out 12 listings to go and see, but it turns out that I was waaaaaayyyyy too optimisitc. Everyone seems to be impressed that I got to 7 viewings. But you enter in the apartment, take 5 minutes and you know whether you want it or not. Really...nothing much more to it than that. It's that traveling to each apartment takes 10 minutes when it is close, 20 minutes when it is far. So I do have a system and it works quite well, but I feel like if I work harder I can get up to 9 viewings in a weekend.

But not next weekend...I am going to Zurich. I need a break before the audit season begins in full force and I need to visit friends up there. But apartment-hunting is a full-time job to be sure.

On the downside, if I don't get the place at Flemmingatan, I am going to have to ask my landlord here at Riddargatan for a 2 month extension. However, taking a look at the amount I would pay in my monthly loan if I buy my own place, there would be no savings (1000 kronor but that is nothing) the impetus to move because things would get cheaper has been removed. Now it is just because I don't wanna pay such high rent to someone and I want ownership.
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