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23 hours and counting

Well it seems that I will win the bid for the apartment that I am in love with!  Nothing is final until the contract is signed, and I will sign the contract tomorrow :)

I made some compromises on the apartment, including the fact that the kitchen does not open up directly into the living room and the glass wall between the kitchen and bedroom feels a little "bathroomy" as sipho puts it ;)

But I can live with this because the living room area in my view is so nicely done.  The kitchen is fabulous...the bathroom is very well designed (and it has a jacuzzi bathtub...yay!)

After tomorrow, there are much bigger questions I need to answer like understanding what appliances I need, where to find a good living room set, a nice bed, etc, etc, etc.  It is also a good thing that after this week I will be in Stockholm for 5 weeks so that I can make all of this work together.  I have a stash of extra money just for renovations and moving in and the like.  I also need to work on insurance and all of this other good stuff as well (including fire alarms, security alarms, etc,etc).

Any idea on where to go in Stockholm to get some decent furniture?

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