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Week In Review

I have managed to stay the entire week in Stockholm. That feels so strange. We have a big event going on at work right now. But I am also needed in Denmark, so I am going back and forth. There is a lot going on at work at the moment. It is all very exhausting. Makes me wanna give up and sell peanuts. But oh well.

Today I correct the english on the menu for one of my favourite restaurants. And I had brunch. And I voted in the Swedish elections (I am entitled to vote for local and districts matters), and I registered to vote for the mid-term elections in the US. Oh yeah, and I ordered business cards. My first in four years. And even spelled correctly.

My internal planning for the apartment is coming along well. I have it in my mind what I want. But in terms of actual purchases, all that has come to fruition is a chocolate fountain and a feather duster.

So between working loads of hours and loads of planning, I really want to take a weekend break somewhere. But I can't. I need to save money first and foremost...and also I need to ensure that I get everything with my apartment sorted.

As you can see, besides hosting a fabulous dinner for workmates, going out with said workmates to bars and pubs and dinners, and being fabulous, it's been rather mundane the last weeks.

Well, despite being sick I am getting in the party mood. Maybe it is a good idea to spread my cooties to the unsuspecting Swedes. Hee.

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