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The Trauma of Furniture

So for those of you who don't know, I moved into a new apartment recently. I have not had time to completely unpack because of work and travel, but I am almost there.  One of the biggest problems that I have had is trying to find furniture that makes me happy.

It took about 2 weeks to select a dining room table.  It is black fiber glass and just looks lovely.  I also ordered a mirror which I think is will go on the wall nearest the dining room table to give that "infinity effect".  And a bought an Italian sofa that I absolutely love.  It is a great place to take a glass of pinot noir and listen to some jazz.

However happy I a with myself though, I have some things to buy.  For example, I need a piece of furniture that would serve as an appropriate entertainment center.  And I need a coffee table for the sofa. And my dining room table needs chairs.

I went to my favourite furniture store table to looked at chairs.  I was very confused so I decided to ask people around the store for their opinion.  Quite a few piped in.  The store employees thought it was funny because I was asking for help.  There are some really nice black leather chairs but they are 2000 kronor.  On the other hand, there are some really cool white chairs which will provide contrast to the table.  The black leather chairs are more elegant, but the white chairs are more comfortable.  And at the moment, I found some black almost-fiber glass plates, designed so nicely that it would seem that when I serve dinner you were eating off of the table.  But in the end I felt pressure at the store to make a decision, so I started to cry and settled on a toilet brush.  Stainless steel to match my stainless steel and wood design in the bathroom.

Tomorrow I will stop at another furniture store to look at a really nice coffee table for the sofa.  It is a different designer than the dining room table, but the table is georgous.

With regards to chairs and plates, I don't feel right to make a decision seems like they the table should be in my house first and then I can make a decision.  My table will come in around November 20th.

Why is this shopping for furniture so hard?  Maybe another bottle of wine will solve this dilemma....
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