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A Rollerskating Jam Named "Saturdays"

Today is All Saints day...and no I don't mean the group All Saints....it meant that some of the places that I wanted to go to were closed. But I managed to visit the hardwear store and get some electrical things that I need for the apartment. I also managed to get in a couple of glasses of wine during the day. I have been in the house most of the day...cleaning up more boxes. I have managed to break down another 6 boxes which means that I am almost done. However, having no furniture means that some things I have left around the apartment for the time when the furniture comes.

I also set up my home computer today. That felt nice becaise it means I could connect my iPod and get new podcasts and things like that.

My apartment has another month until it is ready. I won't have a house-warming party until near christmas or after the new year...just depends on when i make some final decisions.

and i talked to Caroline today and that was cool :-)

And now, dinner at Susie's place in 45 minutes, so I have to scram so that I can get ready.

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