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A mid-week update...

I just have to say that this week is shaping up to be another crazy week. There are so many things that need to be done and I don't know where to start. I managed to prevent my power from being turned off which is good. Now I just need someone to come and look at the refrigerator to get the ice-maker and water dispenser working. And then a conversation with the cable company to see what is going wrong.

i have been working from home the last 2 days and that has been nice. for lunch and coffee breaks i usually clean things up and then make an inventory of everything else i need. And my big new huge mirror came today. it is 160x160 and will be placed in front of the dining room table coming in 2 weeks. maybe tonight i will go out and get plates and chairs. i am not exactly sure yet. however, tomorrow i will be in copenhagen through friday so that ruins any plans to do shopping before the weekend.

At my gym membership expired and it will take some days to renew.

So far I am settling in...slowly but surely....

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