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I bought a new coffee table yesterday. It is called "vertigo" from some Italian designer...the trick is that the coffee table is based on mirrors designed in such a way that when you stare down at it, it looks like you are staring into infinity. I also bought some really nice plates, but only a set of 6. Really should get the other half for a set of 12, but will do that later.

Now all I need in terms of major furniture is a TV stand and some chairs for my dining room table. I hope to solve the chair thing in the next 2 really bothers me. The TV stand thing too because the temporary solution is cheap (old moving boxes).

Stayed in this whole weekend...partly because Markus was away, also because I wanted a "weekend with me". And I am traveling to Denmark again tomorrow and will be there the entire week. Was thinking about a weekend in Berlin, but may postpone that in order to save for my housewarming party...the theme...Bling Bling.

Back now to the theme of my post...underappreciated. I have fallen in love with John Mayer's music. It's rock yes, but it's the kind that is made for lounging. I think he's good.

Also, had a date yesterday. First time in a long time. I was drunk so I had fun.

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