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Apartment Coming Along Nicely

Yesterday Markus, Henrik (his brother), and I put up a new mirror. Well Henrik did most of the work. Thank goodness Henrik was there. Next week we will re-route some of the electricity. I am anticipating my new dining room table to come by the 27th. Exciting stuff. My chairs are here already so that is nice. Just found out that my new coffee table will come after my housewarming party. I bought a cheapo tv stand from Ikea, but it fits so no complaints.

And I also decided that I am going to have to renovate my apartment; however, I need to do it in the summer of 2007. Markus gave me some magazines for inspiration and actually we found a terrific color for the walls. I'll also be installing some track lighting in the kitchen and floor lighting in the bedroom and changing the lighting in the hallway. All of this will be about 35,000 kronor (or 5,000 USD). But the value of the house will increase significantly once it is done. And for summer 2008, we'll then move walls around :-)

Work is going well too. I think. I walk in every day thinking I will be fired. We'll see. Just a feeling for no particular reason...
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