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Oh dear lord....

Instructions: Open your WMP/iTunes/WinAmp/whatever and select 'All Audio'. Set the setting to "Random" and write down the first fifteen tracks that start playing (no cheating!)

1. Count on Me - Whitney Houston
2. C'est Li Bon - Amanda Lear
3. Remember Tomorrow - Mo' Horizons
4. Sexy Noises Turn Me On - Salt-N-Pepa
5. Jungle Man - Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Pass Me By - Raw Stylus
7. The Wonder of It All (Escape 2 Gomi Remix) - Kristine W
8. Rock Your Body, Rock - Ferry Corsten
9. Let It Rain (Original Vocal Mix) - 4 Strings
10. One Night In Bangkok - Murray Head
11. News - Dire Straits
12. Reisetips/melodika - Jo Nesbø
13. Together Again - Janet Jackson
14. Alright (Ultmix) - Janet Jackson
15. Say Goodbye - Khan Feat. Julee Cruise
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