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Weekend In Zurich

In the continuous efforts to spend these travel vouchers, I was in Zurich this weekend.  As usual, it was a nice time.  Friday night was spent hanging out with a friend.  Saturday was spent drunk at 2 parties.  And today, well thanks to global warming, it is unseasonably warm all across Europe and especially in Zurich.  So I will take the train to the top of one of the mountains, have lunch and walk around.  Yoddle a little (ever heard of "Riiicooola!"? ;), and then snap some bad digitial camera photos, and then come back and make my way to the airport.

I get back to Stockholm at 22.00 tonight which in practice means 23.00 before I get home.  But no rest for the weary...I will then have to leave out for a flight to Helsinki at 06.45 so it means I have to wake up at 04.00 and that will include a trip to Helsinki and Copenhagen this week.  And then I am home for a few days.  Maybe home long enough to go grocery shopping and cook real meals.  I need the practise...I am a bit rusty...

I hope everyone is doing well!  Hugs! :-)
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