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Bling Bling Party

Well, I have it a half-hearted attempt at a theme.  I was having to explain what bling-bling meant so many time that I decided to drop the theme as such, but instead have a party for 12 of my closest friends (5 showed up) and really spoil them.  The goal was 1000 kronor per person.  So I had a chocolate fountain and all we drank was Bollinger all night long.  And then we went to Lino and got even more drunk than we already were.  We went through several plates of fruit (chocolate fountain) and 6 bottles of Bollinger.  Markus K, Susie, and Tomas got me a lovely champagne bowl (holds 4 bottles easily), Markus B got me a bling-bling 3-Kings chain and a marzipan pig (he's gone now).  David got me a cool christmas decoration that makes the apartment smell like lovely pine.

Here are some pictures...besides the ones that Sipho took and posted before me because I was too lazy to post my own immediately...

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