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Another Update

So it'sa been 20 days since my last update. Thereabouts.

I'm in love with this song by Björk..."You've Been Flirting Again". The music more than the voice, but I like how she blends the two elements together.

Anyway, things have been going quite okay basically. No major complaints. I went to Amsterdam from 11-13 May with Alex and we had a great time...and then I had a week in Stockholm dur to public holidays and that takes us through 18th of May. The weekend was spent relaxing and going out with Markus, Sussi, and others. Then from the 21st, I had to be in Copenhagen and Helsinki this week.

The weekend has been about nothing much actually. I met up with Markus and the gang on Friday and we had dinner at a new restaurant...fanstastic food. But I was so tired that I decided to call it an early night. On Saturday I ran some errands and then met up with Alex. And so here we are on a Sunday morning...studying Swedish, chatting on MSN, writing in LiveJournal.

I feel good so far. In the last 8 weeks my mind has never been happier or more content. There has been stress points for sure, but things have been strangely melancholy.

Anyway, Alex is coming over tonight and we'll watch the second Pirates of the Carribean and the season finale to Desperate Housewives. And then I think next Friday we'll go see the last Pirates at the movies. Good stuff indeed.

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