Rodney (rcornelius) wrote,

The Day After Tomorrow...

I'll be on the beach and having fun in Mallorca.


And now for a long update...or as long as I will be allowed before Alex and I go to the gym.

I know that it has been a very long time and I apologise for that. The last 6 weeks at work have been so stressed and crazy that at times I thought about giving it all up. But I managed through it and now today I begin my 4 weeks of vacation.

I will spend 5 days of it in Mallorca, and then another week of it at Alex's place up north, and then we come back to Stockholm and I relax in the city doing a whole lot of nothing.

Looking forward to it actually.

I have told people at work that I really don't expect to be called or contacted unless it is urgent. And I mean that. I can only think that I will not make the effort to run for the phone all of the time. For Palma, there will be no e-mail at all.

Also, Markus is now in Paris and I totally missed saying goodbye which I feel bad about. But hopefully if I get a trip to Paris we'll meet again.

Anyway, you can eventually expect to see the pics from Mallorca as well as posts (I'll have my Palm T3 so I will make updates on the handheld) to keep you all updated on the experience.

Until then, take care and lots of hugs!
Tags: holiday
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