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Stockholm Pride 2007

Another Year, Another Pride!

All of the pictures are documented here:

Selected photos are below...

The parade always starts with Dykes on Bikes :-)

And of course the parade can also be political....

and test one's sense of clothing choices....


And I usually always know someone in the parade :)

Pride week this year was a lot of partying...mostly at the Clean Group parties.  Alex, Henrik, and myself partied every night from Wednesday - Saturday.  I was finally too tired for closing and recovery parties on Sunday and today.  Besides, I have consumed more than my fair share of alcohol this week.

And as a special bonus, Alex's friends, Stina and Malin, came to Pride from Ö-vik this year.  So that was good for Alex.  And I got to see Markus, Tomas, and Sussi on Friday night at Salvation.

Overall, a very nice Pride!
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