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Long-Awaited (sp?) Update

Well there has been a lot that has happened.  Some of it I can't share with everyone, but basically, the last 4 weeks have been interesting.

1) I became a manager at work now formally.  And that is exciting and has brought with it some challenges as well.
2) I am still undecided about Thanksgiving this year in the USA.  It will depend on a lot of factors.
3) At the moment, I'll be spending Christmas with Alex and his family and that should be cool.
4) Seems like Robin and I are on the way to becoming friends again

Other than that, there has been a lot of pressure at work and even some outside of work.  But it is all being managed now and is manageable.

I'll fill in some more details more often from now on.  And remember, I'm on Facebook as well, the social utility site of the moment.  But no worries...there are still things you can get from LiveJournal that you can't from Facebook, so I will live with both.  So for those of you who have asked me to go other sites, I basically keep to LJ, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  I'm just too lazy to check MySpace and most of the others.

I hope to get some more pictures up here in some of the next posts...and maybe even when I learn how to transfer it properly, some video :)

Hugs to everyone!
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