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Another Weekend Arrives

Just back from a quick-n-hard workout at the gym :-)

So another weekend arrives.  In an effort for it to be not just another weekend, I decided to have a dinner party.  Ullis, Susie, Warren, Markus, and Alex will be there.  To be fair, Alex is helping with the preparations...doing more than a fair share of the work.

The dinner was finally decided on last night.  Grilled lamb chops with roasted garlic and oil with a spiced tomato sauce, a simple green salad, and gratinated potatoes.  The first course is tomato stuffed peppers.  And the dessert is a chocolate cake with coffee prepared to preference (long, espresso, cappucino, latte).  And of course a selection of drinks and snacks thoroughout the evening.

For sure we'll go out afterwards :)  Should be fun!

Well I hope that everyone reading has a fantastic weekend and please keep in touch!  I am on Facebook now and not so much the others, so just look for Rodney Cornelius and friend me already! :-D

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