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A Very Brady Thanksgiving

Well, as most of you know through my Facebook life, I wasn't able to go to the US for Thanksgiving.  I guess I should have said that I was able to go home for Thanksgiving, but as one of my Swedish friends, Johan, pointed out, isn't Sweden really my home now?  And so for the moment I accept this.  Sweden is home, even if my heart is back in Boston.

So anyway, staying in Sweden this Thanksgiving, I wanted to show some of the my Swedish friends what Thanksgiving is like back at my house.  So I decided to have a Thanksgiving dinner last Saturday.  I only had 6 places (and actually 4 since 2 of those places were taken by Alex and I), so I decided to invite Markus and Tomas, and Alex decided to invite Johan and his roommate Henrik.  It was especially cool to invite Henrik because he had never experienced Thanksgiving before.

So I took some pictures not of the entire night, but of the bird.  I think I did a really good job with the bird, considering I bought him deep frozen at 14.00 the day before dinner which was at 19.30 the next day.  So between the night de-frosting him, and waking up at 07.30 to get started with the stuffing and the pies (sweet potato and cherry), and thanks to Johan and Alex who assisted me throughout the day, everything went perfectly.  And everyone liked dinner too.  And then of course, we all went around the table and said what we were thankful for.  A good time was had by all.

So here are some before and efter pictures of the bird.  Some other pictures will be added as the gang sends them to me...and P.S.  I now have a new respect for the women in the house who did all of the cooking.  It is not easy stuff!  This was the last dinner party I will through this year.  So no more cooking posts for quite a while :)

Before Cooking:

After Cooking

The Pies (Sweet Potato and Cherry)

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