Rodney (rcornelius) wrote,

Merry Christmas Everyone

So today is that special day....Christmas day.  Sadly I won't be celebrating it with my family, but Alex has been kind enough to let me celebrate Christmas with him and his family.

I have to say that I really like the concept of Christmas in Sweden when compared to how it is in America (as I perceive it anyway).  For starters, Sweden and Scandinavians celebrate Christmas on 24 December...a day early by my standards where we celebrate it on the actual day.  And also, from what I have seen in three different Swedish households over the last 5 years (Robin, Markus, and Alex), Christmas isn't intended to be this budget-busting, go-into-debt experience that it is in the US:  Within reason of course, what the gift is as important as the fact that a gift is given.  It is acceptable to send $30 a person on a gift.  Maybe I am too jaded from my US experiences, but I can't imagine that $30 gifts are acceptable from family members -- only from office workmates or friends.  But I don't say that everything is wrong with Christmas in America.  Indeed, I have had some wonderful memories of American Christmas.

Anyway, let's not lose the intent of this message...

I wish everyone a very very Merry Christmas, whether around the corner from me or around the world!  May you get everything you wish for, and may you give more than you receive :-)

Hugs, Rodney
Tags: holiday
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