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I'm A Tool

A Total tool actually!

I have christmas cards that I didn't send out this year (but be ready for 2008..sigh).  I have presents for people not yet sent (I'm thinking of sending them as a combo christmas present vs happy-US-______________-month (you fill in the blank...every month has multiple official items).

I went to the gym today and I had a lousy workout...and it was a long time since I had went.  I performed at only 75% of my now I am motivated to go back tomorrow and for the next 2 day thereafter to kick-start my workout routine.  And I've fallen in love with digestive crackers and vegetable spread.  And I haven't had meat in 33 hours.

Sigh, but at least I have my health.  And booze.


P.S.  "Feedback" by Janet Jackson is a kick ass song!
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