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Weekend and Other Update

Hola Guapos...

Well I do have to say that since I have last wrote, I have been hella busy.  I would like to be able to lie and say that I have just been too lazy to write, but the truth is, life has been non-stop since the beginning of the new year.  But no matter, I am making the time to write here now.  And since the link between here and Facebook now seems to work regularly and flawlessly, I don't have to worry about information being in one place and not the other.

My personal life is overall okay...there have been up periods and down periods.  Things are better now than they were a few weeks ago.  Heard back from my sister which is always nice.  Seems my parents have asked about me which I think is also nice.  I decided that this year I would need to cut my expenses by 15% and so far I have drawn up a budget to do that.  Things in the finance department are okay as well.  It is just that I had decided last year to cut down and I actually increased expenses.  So it is an opportunity to make financial amends for last year.

But really, I don't want to explain all of the details of work, but I basically have been working a lot of hours, combined with travel to Hungary and Denmark.

I do hope that everyone had a good end to 2007 and a great start to 2008!

Lots of Hugs!


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