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Weekend Update

Hola once again my promises to update during the week days unfulfilled, here is an update on the weekend.

For those of you on Facebook, you know that I have been so very very busy in Copenhagen working on a major project.  We have 3 more weeks until it is finished, but I certainly hoping that the end result will be good.  It has to be good in fact so we will do our very best to ensure a positive outcome.

Anyway, since I last updated, Tomas has had a birthday and there is another birthday coming up.  So many birthdays coming around the corner.  Alex and I will take a trip in March but it is up to me to make the planning and ensure that it is all a surprise.  I have several destinations in mind, but we'll see what actually happens.

But other than this, there is not much happening.  I am quite happy that the writer's strike is over in the US, because hopefully my season pass for Desperate Housewives can start to deliver some value (Apple, I hope you are reading...I expect you to compensate those of us who paid you in advance so that you could book record revenues).

Anyway, more later.  Hope everyone is having a good day.

Thanks, Rodney
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