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Well hello again...after a long haitus from LiveJournal.  We'll forego the usual sorry-I-did-not-update message.

Anyway, since I have last updated I had a really long assignment that saw we traveling back and forth from Denmark to Stockholm.  It was really intense and exhausting and I hope we get the right result from our project work.  We'll know more in the next days.

In addition to a lot of time in Denmark, I also went on a weekend trip to Paris.  Markus and Tomas were also traveling at the same time there, so it was good.  And of course, Niclas and Pontus were so it was good to go around with them out.  Alex met Chloe, and we found another great restaurant in Paris (surprise surprise).

So really everything was quite nice about the weekend.  I did manage to pick up a cold shortly before going, so the last day in Paris wasn't all that much fun, but still I managed to make a good time of it.

Next stop...Barcelona!

But first, rest and recovery since this cold managed to kick my ass last night and this morning.
Tags: vacation
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