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Talk Talk Talk

Everyone once in awhile, I get a message from one of you out there about why it has been such a long time since I posted.

The truth is I have really bad reasons.  I've never been known for my communications skills.  I tend to keep in touch with people using technology-enabled methods, such as Facebook or here on LJ.  Sometimes even on IM. And always SMS. I'm not big on phone calls and e-mail.

I think that the way I choose to communicate with people causes problems sometimes, and I know that everytime I try to change it, I do really good for a few weeks, but then I settle back into my old habits.

So, for those who have written and called, please know I haven't forgot you.  Just try to imagine that I spend lots of time in front of a computer and taking phone calls (even when I am traveling).  So in my free-time, I tend to lead a tech-free existence.

I'm working on getting better at communication more often and more frequently.  So your patience with me is appreciated :)
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