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General Update

So yeah, I had a few free moments and I just decided that it was time to do at least a general update on LiveJournal.

If I ever have to declare one thing, it is my absolute love of the European vacation system. It really help you think about the concept that everyone has a right to disconnect from the matrix as a basic right and that vacation shouldn't be viewed as something you earn more of the longer you stay with the company. Very different to the US where vacation is seen as a reward for longer service. Except that in today's economy and job environment, the 20+ year employee is a thing of the past. So by building vacation into the basic fabric of society, it is helpful in a way as it frees one up to focus on the work, not on which company offers the most vacation. That being said, another byproduct of today's world is that our employers give us so many ways to connect that it can be hard to have a truly free vacation.

Many of you know that I started a new job at IBM. I was Manager of Delivery Compliance & Risk Management but as of August, I moved to being a Business Operations Manager. And so far I really like the job and what I am learning and I believe that I can make a great contribution in this new job. So I am happy overall and don't have reason to complain.

På Svenska
Well I finally got IBM to agree to pay for private Swedish lessons. This will work quite well as my travel and work schedule always precluded me from making the classes on time. Now I will have the opportunity to agree a time with the instructor and work at a pace that works for me. I am looking forward to starting in September.

Most of you are well aware of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and how special it is. With some luck, I will be able to go to the US this year and visit family and friends.

So anyway, this was a general update. As more interesting things come up, I'll post :)
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