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So I received my ballot...

I received my ballot in Sweden yesterday. I was really excited for this. It means that it is now decision time.

To be honest, when the race was going to Obama and McCain, I wasn't sure whom I was going to vote for. As most of my close friends know, I am a center-left person when it comes to US politics, but when it comes to the Swedish political scene, I am center-right. So I spent a lot fo time reading on the details of the candidates positions. And I got a lot of e-mail from both sides asking me to vote for the "change agent."

So after a lot of consideration, I have decided to vote for Obama

For me, the game changers were three things.
1) I am voting squarely against Palin. McCain made a very irresponsible choice for vice president. I disagree with her ideological positions. I disagree with her almost non-existent policy choices. She doesn't seem to understand that the role of a Vice President isn't just to be an attack dog or to blindly follow the President's directives. Thanks to Cheney, we have had a re-confirmation that the Vice President has a role to play in the faciliation and shaping of policy...and it should be a substantitive role (note: I don't like almost any of Cheney's policies, but I recognise the importance of the Vice President being an active part of the discussion). She rallies the hard right base, but not the faith of those of us in the center.

2) On several key points, I have more confidence in Obama's policies than in McCain's policies. Let's be fair, on the majority of the issues, their destination is the same, even if the path to get their is different. But it is the path chosen that matters. Sad to say, but the John McCain I beame really interested in during the 2000 elections and the times throughout the last 8 years when he stood up to Bush on taxes, torture, etc, has all but disappeared. That McCain was so powerful a force, that he would have given Obama a run for his money. But to placate his base, he's made a decisive -- and devisive -- turn to the right.

3) Obama's choice of Biden. I never thought that Joe had the makings of a president. Truth be told, I don't think Obama, McCain, or Biden would make excellent presidents. But Biden as the #2 is certainly better than Palin. And while Obama good judgement, he lacks the wisdom which is bourne from experience. McCain has wisdom, but his choice of Palin shows a lack of judgement. And Palin has neither wisdom nor judgement.

So there...I have said it...I'm voting Obama. My biggest regret is that Hilary did not win the nomination, as I really do think that she was the most qualified to be president of the United States. So we will shatter one glass cieling in the next 4 weeks by electing the first black president of the United States. The chance for women now if effectively delayed between 4 and 16 years (minimum 4 of Obama...if he wins re-election another 4 years. Biden for sure will want a crack at the office and if he wins then it's another 4 to 8). I am still sure we'll have a woman president in our lifetimes...and join the company of Europe and Asia where in many countries, they don't select the best man for the job, but the best person for the job.
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