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Just a whatever update

So I realise that it has been another long time since I have written. The problem really isn't that I don't have anything to say because I have a lot to say. Rather, it has more to do with the fact that I do keep myself fairly updated at Facebook, so I often don't post here a whole lot anymore. But for those still readying, I think an update is long overdue :-)

The Election
Obviously I can't contain my happiness at the election result.  I am glad that Obama won the election as you can read from my other posts.  For those of you who might recall, my permanent website at hadn't been updated in 4 years when I was really shocked at the Election result.  Well I made an update now :-)  I think with a better Vice Presidential candidate and if John had tried to stay true to his center values, he would have had more of an opportunity.

We've decided on vacation plans for next year, and that includes 3 weeks in the USA during the summer.  We'll visit NYC, my family in Boston, and then spend some time somewhere else in the US.  We haven't figured it all out yet, but I'm really excited to be going.  After all, it's a good use of frequent flyer miles and to fly in Economy Extra class the fees and taxes were only $120 for both tickets.  You can't get better than that if you tried!  Now just have to make good use of the hotel frequent guest points.  At least whilst these hotels and airlines are hopefully still around.

Work is continuing to go very well.  I have really gotten into my new job and all of the challenges that it brings with it.  I'm so focused on trying to absorb everything and be good at my job that I guess I haven't even noticed until today that I have been in the job for only 4 months.  But it feels like forever and I guess that is a good sign towards getting comfortable.  I have 2 great managers and a very nice team I work with so I can't complain.  I guess I could complain if I tried really hard, but there is no point as if you have to look hard to complain, then there is nothing to complain about.

So this section is dedicated to my friends.  I had a breakthrough last week in which I realised that I have done a very very bad job at keeping in touch with people.  It was especially disappointing as some of those people reached out to me and I don't think I responded in the best way (just short sentences promising to write more soon but never following through).  So in some level, I am not surprised that my communication with my friends has dropped to such low levels.  So for those friends of mine reading this I'll make you a deal.  Let's not wait for the other one to reach out first...let's reach out together.  For some of you, the time and the distance has been too long, and I think we still have lots to talk about!

Well on that note, I'll cut it off here and wish my US friends a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and seasons greetings to everyone around the world, no matter what you're celebrating in coming days and weeks!

Hugs, Rodney
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