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And another year is on it's way to a close...

It feels strange that we are so close to ending yet another year.  I think that 2008 went by very fast this year.  It has been an exciting year to be sure, but also a very tiring year.  This will soon end my second full year as a permanent resident of Sweden, and is also almost 2 years that I have been in a relationship.

I am still not sure what is going on in terms of New Years Eve plans.  I think we still stay in around in Stockholm, but I am not sure yet what we will be doing.  So I think that I will have to make some plans pretty soon or else I will end up doing nothing and that would not be cool.

This weekend was another strange weekend, but alsoa  good weekend.  Matt finally made the plunge and moved from Paris to Stockholm.  My weekend was relatively calm, and I spent most of the weekend not doing anything of significance.  Also managed to do some shopping for some small things that were not very important (like a door mat, a candle, etc, etc).

Anyway, I just wanted to give a short update.  Hope that everyone is doing well and keep in touch! :-)

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