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Sigh....audit time

It's 07.00 CET on Friday morning...

So I haven't been posting as regularly as I should. That's being our organisation is being audited beginning next week, and it has been such an effort to get ready and prepare.

I was really tired on Thursday night and slept through everything, including 6 phone calls. I fell asleep on the couch. It was Steve's last night here in Stockholm and I was supposed to go out with him. I feel bad that I missed his last night out, and even more bad because one of my closest friends has been here for 3 weeks and now he will be gone...I'll lose that link I had back to someone in the states.

I fell asleep and left the stove on....I woke up because I had trouble due to breathing in the fumes. I could have probably almost died.

I'm kinda sad and I don't know why just yet, but it's time to go to work. I'll have time for being sad later...

Oh yeah, and when you get the chance, go see The Italian Job. It's a really nice movie.

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