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Random Blog Entry

I am not actually sure if LiveJournal is a blog or a journal.  To be honest, I am not even sure I understand the difference between the two.

Anyhoo, I wanted to give what I guess has become a monthly general update.  I post these in LiveJournal mostly because:
1) What I post here goes directly into Facebook as a note; and
2) It allows those who don't have access to Facebook to keep in touch with me

Since I last wrote, I am pleased to report that nothing overly exciting has happened.  That doesn't mean that it hasn't been busy, but it just means that nothing adverse or overly positive has taken place.  And it is nice to have an unventful period of time for awhile.  I am starting to keep in touch more with my family back in the US, and I have kept my goals for working out and eating better and I feel healthier than I have in a long time.  March and April are about bringing that healthy attitude to the next level to show results ;-)

Work is going along okay.  And really my heart goes out to all of those who are so negatively impacted by this crisis.  We feel this crisis in Sweden as well, but not as acutely as you feel it in the US.  The job continues to be really interesting and the learning curve has been very steep.  But I am now over the hump and positively contributing to the team (I hope) and look forward to a good continuation.

Jag kan prata och skriva svenska nu.  Men, jag gillar inte att prata på svenska.  I will really struggle the next 5 weeks with my new level of Swedish class, but at the end of the it, I will be successful.  Mostly because it is time to take the Swedish courses seriously and to keep at it.

Well, I wish I did have more to write about it.  Turns out that when there isn't happening other than the usual, it means that there is less to write about.  But I hope that this post finds everyone in great spirits and still excited for the year ahead.  We are almost one-third of the way through the year...time flies eh?

Until next time...hugs to all.


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