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March Blog

So here now I keep to my promise so far to blog at LiveJournal at least once a month about what is going on with me.  I guess those who Twitter or have Facebook get to know a lot more as it all unfolds, but hey, I do what I can.

Anyhoo, now that month is drawing to a close, I can say that I am generally glad that the month is over.  We have a review of Business Controls this month and it has drained the life out of me as it has re-directed my work for the last 4 weeks and will do so for another 2 weeks.  All of which during the same time I have had to do my "normal job."  But I guess in these economic times, having a job with a lot of to do is better than having no job at all.  Although it is interesting to note that the economic crisis is affecting Sweden differently than the US.

In family news, my mother was hospitalised briefly, but is now doing fine.  My grandmother was also recently hospitalised but now she is released from the hospital as well and is on the mend.  So I am very happy things with them seem to be okay.  In July I will see my family again for the first time in about 3 years.  Alex will also get to meet them as well and that will be interesting.

I think in a bit of happier news, my efforts to reach out to more people have been successful.  I now have regular e-mail contact with most of my family and some long-lost friends.  So I hope that I can keep those networks going.  At work I have some informal mentors now who can help advise and counsel me when I need some independent views.  And on the 26th Alex and I celebrated 2 years together.

My attempts to infuse more videos and pictures into my websites, etc have failed miserable. Mostly because I don't like the camera and video options on my phone.  And speaking of which, I went from not being excited about the iPhone (during the launch of it I was so tired of the hype that I filtered out news and other stuff about it), to feeling that somehow if I can't commit a major amount of money to this toy that my life somehow really won't be complete.  But for the moment, I'm can manage without it as the iPhone lacks a few features that I really want in a phone.  And my SonyEricsson P990i seems to fit the bill and works with Lotus Notes.

Finally, I should mention how psyched I am for Amsterdam next month!  We are going there for Queen Days weekend, so we will have 5 days there and visit some friends we made in December.  Brian is nice enough to let us stay with him and on Saturday we'll stay in the city.

Anyway, for those reading, hope that this entry finds you well and see on on the next update!

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