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The "Shot" Heard 'Round the World

So yesterday Alex had some of his friends over.  We were all having a nice time hanging out, even if they were making a night of it whilst I was cutting the even short because I had to work on Saturday (it's quarter close, so no games and we have to take work seriously).

Anyway, during the night (and after a few drinks), I had the bright idea to make "Kiss of Death" shots.  Without going into details, let's just say that this shot was my un-doing during a trip to Canada about 12 years ago.  The consequences of drinking 3 of those shots was so severe that I still have a reaction whenever I think about it.  So of course, 12 years older and only a little wiser, I drink this shot last night.  So naturally it put me down the way tranquilisers put down a horse.  But I am not sure it is the shot itself as much as the psychological baggage attached with it.

Anyway, I woke up fit for fight today, but it was really strange to have that shot again.  I think it will be another 12 years before I try it again!

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