Rodney (rcornelius) wrote,

So The Trip to NYC Begins! :-D

So now that we are at the ½ way point to our US trip, I should provide an update.

On Friday when we got to the airport, we were greeted with the news that our flight from Stockholm to Newark/NYC was cancelled.  The cancellation happened just 5 minutes before we arrived.  So we were standing around when we met a friend (Nicklas) who told us to go over to the ticket counter and maybe get some help from them.

So I go over to the ticket counter and we are helped by a terrific woman at the counter who despite the long line and being asked by her colleagues to help someone else, spent the time to re-route us to New York via Munich and we were only 90 minutes delayed at the end of it.  That was really good luck!  She's earned a place in our hearts for sure! :-D

So we arrived on Friday night, make it through the shitty experience that is customers and immigration, and then we get to the hotel.  It is a really nice hotel right at Times Square so we are in the center of it all!  We were so tired that we decided to eat pizza for dinner and then go out to try and find some bars.  That was an unique experience, the details of which must be shared over beers.  But needless to say, we were probably so tired that we called it an early night and decided to wait until Saturday.

On Saturday we slept in late, went shopping around the city, bought some really nice things, had an award-winning dinner (sarcasm), and then went out to a bar and a club.  We had a great time.  But the high point of Saturday was meeting my high school friend Nakia (love you girl!) and her friend Kassia!  It was good to see people in person that I have not seen in such a long time!

On Sunday we slept in late again and went up and around the city.  More siteseeing (Rockerfeller Center, etc) and looked into more stores.  Then I took Alex to Ruby Tuesdays (we started to upgrad the and then we went to a club called Escolito.  I can't say that it was really my kind of club, but Alex liked it a lot.  They were having something called American Rumble.  The singers were awesome though and that is what I will remember about it.

On Monday we decided to wake up a bit early and see the city.  We've long since realised that we cannot see everything when we visit cities, so it is good to invest 3-4 hours on the city siteseeing busses where you can hop on and hop off.  So we did that for most of the day on Monday.  They are great to get an overview of things you should just drive past and not visit and getting oriented for things you want to see more of on another day.  We really only have 2,5 days left so we will now be able to make the most of it.  The highlight of Monday was also to be able to see Rob (yay!) and chat and catch up!

So today we don't have plans other than to do more siteseeing and take advantage of the day.  Tomorrow with luck we'll see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.  And I hope we'll be able to see my friend Derrick whilst in New York.  On Friday then it's off for a weekend in Atlanta to have with the lovely Steve, Brent, John, Ronnie, and the gang in ATL.  Then onwards to Boston.

We have pictures even now but we'll start posting them later on.  For the moment we just wanna have fun! :-D

Tags: vacation
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