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So it's October Already

I haven't really written a lot since Facebook came along because that is the place where people can stay most update about me. So for those of you with Facebook and follow here, feel free to click through to my profile and friend me. So anyhow, I'm here now and in the mood to post.

Damn this year has moved rather fast. I was looking over my New Year's Resolutions and realised that I have only accomplished 7 of the 12 things I said that I would do (one major goal a month). Which means that I am actually 3 behind. So I have some work to do. I have never before accomplished all of my resolutions so I am determined to break that losing streak.

Lately I've been working a lot. Actually a bit too much, but I have just figured that it is better to be busy than bored. However, consecutive 65 hour weeks is just not sustainable anymore. So I will now have a week of vacation in November. In addition, I have a few long weekends planned as well to visit some friends around Europe since I got cheap tickets. And I also have some great friends coming to visit me over the course of November. And if I keep up motivation and energy, I will use November to do some renovations to the apartment which I think will increase the value 5-10% (or at least give me a healthy tax rebate). I am planning to change the wall...right now they are stucco (I think that is the term) and I want to sand them down and paint them a neutral color. I have decided that I am going to move to a bigger apartment in November. I need a home office.

I went to see Saltimbanco (Cirque du Soleil) in September. It was an amazing show and everyone should see all of their shows! I am seriously tempted to go see Veraki in London in January. Of course if all of the finances work out. London is a bit pricey, but it is always fun! :-D

I am still thinking about an iPhone. A lot. Almost every day. I would settle for an iPod Touch, but in fact what I want is a constant data connection on my phone combined with music. Because I don't have many personal calls, it still makes sense to use my company phone as my primary mobile (and just pay for my private calls). But because our company phones don't have data, any phone is basically a brick with wireless. Wireless has made the phone more bearable, but nothing will replace a data plan. I need all of you to push me over the edge so that I just drop the money to get an iPhone! :-D

Anyway, besides the trip to the US (you can see the pics to get the visual story) and a lot of work, not much new to report this time around. I'll come back in a bit with an update :-D

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