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Thanksgiving Progress Report

So, it's the day before Thanksgiving Saturday (I celebrate on Saturday here in Sweden because it's not recognised as a public holiday). Today's tasks were:

1) Brine the Turkey
2) Clean the Apartment
3) Bake Desserts (pecan, blueberry, and pumpkin pies)

My grade today is a "B"
(A for Everything Done, B for Most Things Done, C for Half of it Done, D for Not Much Done, and F for Nothing Done)

Turkey is being brined as I type (will be ready at 10.30 tomorrow morning) as scheduled, the apartment is 90% clean -- vacuumed, dusted, polished, and mopped. Just some re-shuffling of things I needed for today, but will not need tomorrow). The Blueberry and Pecan pies are baked. However, I forgot to purchase a key ingredient for the pumpkin pie (the evaporated milk...grrr...), so I will have to make those pies tomorrow. I also don't like how the first blueberry pie turned out, so I will make a second one. So this puts me 45 minutes behind schedule. Luckily, I can make up for it by waking up 30 minutes earlier, and I have already peeled the potatoes for the mashed potatoes tonight (I guess they are okay to sit in water overnight as they will end up mashed anyway) as well as prepared almost everything for the turkey dressing. So that gives me back another 45 minutes.

So overall, I feel ready for tomorrow. Now for some well-deserved whiskey and a very sound sleep. :-)

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