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Thanksgiving Progress Report - Update #2

So, I woke up at 07.00 this morning, but I didn't get out of bed until 07.30. I took one look at the blueberry pie I made yesterday and decided to throw it out and start new. So that required a trip to the supermarket. And of course, they sold out of things in the portion sizes I needed, so I just decided to make 2 blueberry pies.

And of course, evaporated milk is nowhere to be found in Swedish supermarkets. So that nearly FUBAR'd the pumpkin pies. But I decided to use condensed milk (but it so much sweeter) and balance it out with regular milk. Pumpkin Pies saved!

So now I have 6 pies in total. If anyone wants to come over for pie tomorrow, please do. I insist. We'll never eat 6 pies.

I finished the dressing for the turkey this morning and the brine seems to be very promising. The turkey went into the oven at noon. So that gave me time to clean the rest of the apartment, set the table prep for making baked macaroni and cheese (a last minute addition as the menu seemed a bit short), make whipped cream for the blueberry pie, and make a run for wines.

So today's tasks:

1) Drink wine
2) Bake the homemade croutons and make the dressing for the salad I am creating
3) Pray for good outcome on turkey
4) Peel and cut pasnips, carrots, and sweet potatoes
5) Go get stuff forbaked mac & cheese
6) Get ready for guests
7) Fall asleep in my mashed potatoes at dinner!

Whee! \o/

Tags: holiday
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