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Thanksgiving Progress Report - Last Update

Well now it is all said and done....Thanksgiving dinner went amazingly well. Grade A-.

Everyone who came to last Thanksgiving agreed that this one was even better.

The minuses come because I didn't have enough time to make the salad (but at least no one wanted salad because of all of the other food), the parsnips had a very strong flavour (because of the way I stored them prior to roasting), and I ran out of sparkling water.

The plusses were definitely the turkey (the best brining recipe yet!), the roasted sweet potatoes with honey butter, the 4-cheese baked mac & cheese, and the pecan pies.

It was also nice to include people into the group who never had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner before :-D

So I already have to think now about how to make next year even better! :-D
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