Rodney (rcornelius) wrote,

EVERYONE can do something to HELP HAITI

It's simple. If you are reading this, you can do something to help the people of Haiti. Yes you. Even if you are not from Haiti (I'm not either). None of us as individuals have the capability to do everything, but each one of us has the ability to do something. And a few hundred million somethings add up to a lot.

I know we are in a global economic crisis. And I certainly understand in real terms that times are tight for all of us. But we all have the capacity to contribute a little in some way.

For example:
* If you were planning on eating out this weekend, why not resolve to order something less expensive on the menu or skip a course, and donate the difference
* If you were planning on going out and partying this weekend, why not consider that every 1 or 2 drinks you order, you done the equivalent cost of one drink is donated
* If you own a business like a restaurant, consider some type of promotion of certain dishes where a portion of the money from those dishes gets donated
* If you own a bar or club and have fees to check in jackets, consider donating some of that money to Haiti
* If you play any of Zynga's games, make a donation with them.
* If you know of any places accepting non-monetary donations, it opens up even further possibilities
* And any other things you can think of

And of course, organisations like , , and accept donations directly.

You might do any of these combinations above and come up with $10 or $25. But the math is simple. 10 reading this gets their friends to do something who gets their friends to do something and the impact gets bigger. Whatever short wants we have probably don't compare to the immediate needs they have there.

So do what you can. I am sure that anything you can do will be much appreciated by those in need...

Tags: general update

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