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2009: The Year In Review

Every year around this time, I write a letter to myself describing the year and what I have learned and what I want to do in the new year including my resolutions. And since I think that this a healthy tradition, I wanted to continue it this year. Apologies in advance for the length, but as with everything I post, if it is not of interest, I am not offended if you skip over it.

In a general sense, 2009 feels better than 2008, even if there were a few personal setbacks and missed opportunities. The only way I can make any sense of 2009 is if I look it at in a non-linear way (e.g. not from January to December) because I didn’t experience it that way. So I will describe it in terms of lessons learned and feelings.

  • I learned that in a relationship, being in love isn't always enough. It takes lots of communication, a willingness on both sides to work to make each day better than the one before it, and being mentally healthy enough to love yourself before you can love someone else.
  • I learned the enduring power, strength, and love of family. And that it is the silly disagreements - not the bond of family - that fade with time.
  • I learned that I don't forgive as easily as I should, but that my loyalty once earned, is fierce and enduring.
  • I learned that my friends are always in the background looking out for me and watching over me. It's hard not to feel incredibly fortunate and blessed with so many guardian angels around me.
  • I learned that money isn't everything. It may make the experience more pleasant, but the best experiences I have in 2009 cost me nothing and rewarded me greatly.

So as I head into 2010, I usually would list the 5 things I resolve to do this year. However, this year feels like it must be different. As if I can't list only the 5 things to focus on and then lose focus on the other things. So this year, I have only one resolution:

I resolve to be the best person I can be through more attention to my family, loved ones, and friends; by having the wisdom to make informed judgements; the humility to ask for help; the compassion to help those that need it; the drive to achieve my dreams; and comfort in the fact that while I don't have everything I want, I have everything I need.

I hope for all of you a great year ahead...we'll chat again on this in 12 months :-)

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