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March Update - A Bit Late

So it is hard to believe that 25% of the year is over...the time is going by so fast!

So February was a definitely a crazy month, but thankfully March got a lot better. For some reason there was much more to do in March, but I was able to organise it and structure it in a good way so that I wasn't spending late nights at the office or driving myself crazy.

In terms of my family, the communication has tapered off a bit, but still going and that is a good thing. One of my sisters was admitted to the hospital (I thought I would have to make an emergency trip back to the US), but she is okay and on the mend so that is a good thing and I feel blessed that nothing happened to her. As I get older, I start to understand the value of family in a way that I was unable to measure it before. It took going back to the US last year to realise how lucky I am to have a strong and loving family backbone. An intangible and immeasurable safety net of support underneath me.

I made a visit to Berlin in March and that was a fantastic time, even if I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do. It was still nice to get out of Stockholm for a weekend. I didn't take any pictures as I didn't do any siteseeing, just shopping for things like clothes that are 25% or more cheaper in Germany than in Stockholm.

I also managed to keep my commitment to going to the gym a minimum of 3 times a week (I went 5 times a week for every week but one due to travel). So I feel really good about that. I made a goal for myself of losing 1kg (2,2 lbs) a week for the first 13 weeks of this year. I have 3 days until this week is over and it seems like I will make 12kg. I could do the other 1kg, but it would just be based off of tricks like dehydration, starvation, and not safe real loss. So based off of these results, I am going set another aggressive goal for the next 13 weeks and keep motivated, especially as now I can see that the influx of New Year Resolution People at the gym has tapered off and now the machines have more availability and the classes are not as full.

As we head into April, I wish everyone a fantastic month and rest of the year ahead. And if any of you have suggestions on where I should spent my summer holidays, feel free to share!

Hugs, Rodney
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