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Weekend Getaway - A Reboot

So the theme this week is about having a reboot - in many different ways. A reboot is needed when:

- A big error has occurred and it cannot be recovered (e.g. Computer crash)
- You've made an improvement to something basic and you start something again to see the benefit of it (e.g. Diet and exercise)
- You aren't completely happy with the result, so you want to try the same concept again to see if it yields something different (e.g. Movie franchise series)

It just so happens that I have experienced all 3 this week :-)

So with my computer problems fixed, and getting back on my diet and exercise routine, I now am working on the third part. In part thanks to the wonderful public and private messages I have received from my "Brain Drain" post. I am reminded of how many wonderful and insightful friends I have around me who messaged, skyped, and called me to ensure I was okay. I don't spent enough time with you all. I turn down too many invitations. I have defined fun in terms of the name of the restaurant or club instead of the people around me. I recognise that I am part of my own "problem." I need to once again become a disruptive force in my own life. It was that way of thinking that made me decided to live in France for a summer when I was younger; that caused me to pull up roots and move to Sweden; to make it a goal to stroll confidentlly where angels fear to tread; and to where necessary, be willing to make radical changes to my social networks to enjoy and appreciate a diversity of people. Even time I have taken this path to shake things up from the status quo, I have been happy with the result. I need to remember that life is ultimately a people-centered experience.

So my reboot - besides a relaxing weekend at Boda Kvarn with Candice, Johan, champagne, and good company - is also to re-examine these things. So give me some time. I hope you'll see that the change and the reboot - yield something positive.

I feel humbled that even though I am 25 years old with over a decade of experience - I am still learning and have the capacity to do so.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, have fun!

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