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I Feel Good :-D

So now I am on my way back to Stockholm after a wonderful weekend with Candice and Johan! They are so amaing it is hard not to end the weekend on a real high note. Lots of relaxing, eating, talking and laughing, and some work around the house. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend! It really helped me to re-balance myself on what is important. I dare say i think that I found my Walden Pond :-)

I feel in some way that I head back into uncertainty as the train speeds towards Stockholm. There are conversations that are waiting to be had and decisions made off of those conversations that are waiting to be made. But the uncertainty is not's a welcome anticipation to sort things I should have sorted long ago.

But I feel great :-) just wanted to share that with you all :-)

Enjoy the remainder of your weekends :-)

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Tags: general update, holiday
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