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Saturday Morning Update

In hindsight, that handmade pasta and half bottle of wine weren't the best idea to begin a night out. But it made for a cozy evening at home in front of the television. :-)

It's been a bit a long and strange work week. In some respects I am very glad that it is over. In other respects, some good news about work came to me and that has made me happy. September has not been a very good month overall. I am happy for it to move along.

In line with my Corporate Service Corps assignment, I will need to polish up my website, photo site, and journal websites and make it all work with Facebook and Twitter. This will be the motivation that I needed to keep everything updated and do a full refresh of my digital branding. I plan to make it all happen over the next 4 weeks.

I learned yesterday that I will have to delay my tattoo appointment again. It's a bit disappointing so today I will go and find a new place to get my tattoo done. Or maybe I will go to the same tattoo place again today and ask for someone else to ink me. The person who normally does it has been sick a lot lately. So I wish them a speedy recovery in any event and hope it is not serious.

For those who haven't seen it, this will be the new tattoo joining my Phoenix tattoo:

That's all for right now. Now since I am up so incredibly early, I am off to a little farm stand to find some fresh fruit to make some homemade scones. Yes scones. And later bingo if I can my orthopedic shoes. Sigh...I live a life with too many contrasts.

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