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So Long, LiveJournal

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Well…the time has come to say goodbye to old my friend, LiveJournal (LJ). Well, maybe not goodbye, but it won’t be my primary blog anymore.

I have now moved all of my content to my own WordPress-powered app on my own website at There were a few reasons to do this. First, LJ seems to struggle to keep up with the times. They don’t offer the ability for automatic re-direction for mobile users, non-LJ users found it difficult to comment, and most importantly, I am paying a monthly charge for a website that I am not getting full capacity from. So I have decided that over time I will start to make greater use of my own website’s capabilities (including blog and photos) and stop paying other places to host content that I myself can host for free. In the worst case, this will give me a reason to keep my website updated.

I actually won’t delete LJ…there is some great communities there that I still find relevant today and will continue contact with. It is just my blog will automatically post to LJ but the posts are essentially read-only now. Shortly the same thing will be done for Tumblr.

I hope you still following along. And hopefully this move to a new blog makes it even easier to do :)

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